Note: Due to COVID there are potential delays in recieving your orders placed. Its roughly a 2-3 week lead time ×

What is your standard lead time?
If an item is in stock we tend to ship within 48 hours. Restocking orders tend to take 2 weeks to ship in the manufacturer is located in the US. If it is overseas it could take up to 4 weeks. This is also due to us taking our orders into our warehouse to vet the quality of the order.
Do you sell more than what is listed as I have specific requests?
Yes. We have a wide reach into tactical clothing, gear, tech and other items we source for our military that is not publicly posted. Email our team at to get a quote for the item(s) your are looking for.
What is your refund policy about?
Please check  our posted policy. In short we are focused on your happiness and work to ensure your satisfaction because others benefit from your order we tend to take our time on the front end to ensure things work in your favor. Our policy is geared to the customer.
Do you have a Facebook Page to write reviews on?
Yes. You can follow us on our link on our home page
What is the site relation to is our corporate side geared to our primary line of work in supporting our military and defense customers. We created a public commercial page at to offer the same products we provide our government customers.