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Watertusk provides outdoor and survivalist products for those daring to adventure and who need to master their terrains.

You need a forward presence for your mission readiness. Quality gear for camping, survival, hiking and more is your baseline expectation. This is where we excel. We are trusted by DoD primes. Your desire to enjoy the outdoors brings us joy to live our purpose.

You will benefit from years experience in supply chain management within the private and public sector. Along, with an impressive range of industry contacts that will help you in better buying and opportunities to enjoy your adventures.

Watertusk understands just how important relationships are. The more effective the communication, the better the results - it's that simple.

You play a big part in our success for our purpose to give back. Worthy causes are supported from each portion of every order. Your order in some cases may take longer depending on sourcing issues and it is appreciated by those who benefit from the donations we give.

We built our brand and continue to do so based on growing our firm with our customers considered as value partners in our success and for supporting worthy causes from the revenue we bring in such as Veteran programs, national charities, schools and entrepreneurship programs.

When you buy from our store we consider you a partner and more than just a transaction.It matters to us that your experience was what you expected and we want to be part of enjoyment of the outdoors or preparations for survival. Our founder has built multiple businesses that reached national recognized success based on the foundation of worthy causes and deep desire to help our Military personnel receive the materials they need and return home safely. We intend to treat you the same way.

We thank you for visiting our store to learn more about us and we work tirelessly to ensure we can be a store of choice for you now and in the future.